Summer Skincare Routine

PM Ihave found that by following a regimen and sticking to that is truly the key to clear and hydrated skin. I like to take my time at night and not only clean my skin but also use some essential products to be preventative to what my skin is prone to do. I always start this routine with properly removing all the makeup on my face using a Neutrogena “makeup remover cleansing wipes” (1). Next I use my Rodan & Fields Redefine Regimen (2). It is a three step system: a cleanser, a toner and an overnight restorative cream.  Lastly [...]

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In the Spotlight

In The Spotlight: Mark Zahnlecker

When I envisioned this blog I always knew that I wanted a section called "In the Spotlight", which would create a space for fellow creative people doing their unique thang! Mark Zahnlecker is an old family friend (I'm pretty sure I have pictures of us swimming in the baby pool or picking our nose in preschool), who is BEYOND talented in a lot of artistic areas (wood work, photography, and recently art on canvas). When he and his girlfriend were blasting his insta-story of their resin on canvas experiments! Be ready to FREAK when you see the special piece [...]

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Annual Tree Shopping at Bob’s Tree Lot

What would Christmas be without a tree? In our case a REAL tree. This year marks the fifth Christmas spent living in Moraga and supporting the infamous Bob's Tree Lot.  Bob is there EVERYday and always has the nicest young men helping trim, deliver and install your tree in your home. We always purchase a 10-foot (or trimmed to 10 feet) Silver Tip or commonly known as a "Charlie Brown Tree". I love the way the bare branches display all of our ornaments. I will be posting (next week) pictures of our decked out tree. [...]

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