Do you ever find yourself saying – “I have NOTHING to wear”?? Maybe you just need to re-discover your closet amongst all the blah? Or maybe you have lost weight and your clothes need some alterations? Either way this is something that is helpful to do at least twice a year. I have found that these five friendly tips make the grueling task to overhaul any closet much less overwhelming. The best way to attack this situation is to be realistic and block out 1-2 days to get it done! I hope you find these tips helpful and realize that once your closet is organized you truly can “shop” your closet and be inspired yet again to get dressed every day.

Closet Overhaul 101 01 - Colhoun Clan

1. Try ON everything

This is the starting point! When I say try everything on, I mean EVERYTHING! From pants, shoes, skirts, dresses to stockings, and accessories…ok maybe not necessarily all the little details but truly ask yourself – would I wear this?? Or even…Have I worn this in the last six months? Or year? My rule of thumb is if it is questionable – get rid of it!!! Make room for something you WILL wear everyday and cherish!

Closet Overhaul 101 02 - Colhoun Clan

2. Consider finding your clothes new home

After you set up your “zones” there are still the “piles”…This is where it is important to divide up your items that cannot and SHOULD not live in your closet. I have found these five categories to be the most helpful. The first two piles are articles “to be sold” –which are clothes, shoes, accessories etc that are still in great condition and are usually name brand that just don’t quite work for you anymore. Of the two piles –one is for THIS season and one for NEXT season. Most consignment and resale stores take things that are IN season but it depends on the buyer. Which ever pile is not relevant for the consignment/resale store should be put into a garment bag or suit case to ensure these items don’t sneak back into your closet again. Stick a reminder in your calendar to notify you of the “new season” and take your items in and feel free to browse through the closet one last time for any missed items. The third pile is “donate” which is for items that cannot be sold but are still in “wearable” condition. I usually take these items to the Goodwill and pick up a donation slip. Next is the “alterations/repairs” pile. This is for all the favorite items that maybe can’t be worn because there is a missing button or you a great pair of slacks you have been longing to wear but find that they still need to be hemmed. The last and MOST important pile is the “trash” pile – this is for items that let’s be real – wouldn’t be right to let anyone see…

Closet Overhaul 101 04 - Colhoun Clan

3. Set up zones

The best way to begin the organizing process is to set up your closet into zones according to function, based on the unique way you think about your wardrobe. For example, when you get dressed, do you think first in terms of occasion (work, weekend or evening clothe) or first by garment type (i.e. jacket, pants suit) or first by season? Arrange your clothes accordingly – creating a section for each. Within each section, arrange the clothes by color. This helps create a pleasing aesthetic and makes it much easier to assemble outfits.

Closet Overhaul 101 06 - Colhoun Clan

4. Matchy matchy efficient hangers

I encourage the “splurge” for new hangers to create a clean canvas for your newly organized clothes. I prefer the “huggable hangers” from either container store or amazon – the “knock-off” do NOT hold up – I have tried them…

Closet Overhaul 101 03 - Colhoun Clan

5. Take breaks

It is important to schedule in meals and breaks and truly sit down and take a chill during the long 1-2 days it may take to complete your overhaul so please make sure and do so. Give yourself an allotted time so you don’t get distracted and get back to your closet!

Closet Overhaul 101 05 - Colhoun Clan

I hope you will find these five tips boost you in the right direction to attack that closet!