When I envisioned this blog I always knew that I wanted a section called “In the Spotlight”, which would create a space for fellow creative people doing their unique thang! Mark Zahnlecker is an old family friend (I’m pretty sure I have pictures of us swimming in the baby pool or picking our nose in preschool), who is BEYOND talented in a lot of artistic areas (wood work, photography, and recently art on canvas). When he and his girlfriend were blasting his insta-story of their resin on canvas experiments! Be ready to FREAK when you see the special piece I commissioned for our master bedroom.

I wanted Mark to send some pictures of his process..and here is what he explains:

The first pic shows all the colors, second pic shows cups I used as a base to raise the canvas off the table so resin could flow freely off the edges.
I use gravity, my hand, a blow torch, and hair dryer to move the resin around to my desired place on the canvas along with carefully pouring the initial layer.
This painting was created in three layers. Each one different than the first with different colors so you can get a semi 3-D appearance when you look closely.
The resin hardens within 30 min and cures completely after 4-6. It’s really temperature dependent so if it’s not a good 60-70 degrees it will never cure properly, which was an expensive lesson for me after a couple of my first paintings I did in my woodshop!
All of those factors made this a big challenge for the size and I had so much fun throughout the whole process. Love the end result 🙂

If you are interested in commissioning a piece or maybe finding something that speaks to you from his Instagam, then reach out to him with Direct Message on Insta – his handle is: mark_zahn21