Some days an all-house purge and garage sale seems, well, a bit too much. For the days when everything feels like a chore, I stick to these seven tips for a quick & easy spruce up. It’s Spring Cleaning Lite.

1. Add flowers.

Seven Spring Spruce Ups 01 - Colhoun Clan

Ask almost any one about the power of fresh flowers. Not only does any room look that much more amazing with some colorful flowers, they smell so darn good too. Dust off your favorite vase and perk up your space with Spring’s first blooms. My favorite are pink!

2. Counter clutter.

Seven Spring Spruce Ups 02 - Colhoun Clan

If you tend to stack, store, and pile stuff on any flat surface, might I suggest you invest in a great tray? It easily creates an immediate sense of order and offers a chance to show off your style at the same time. A rustic wood, mirrored, tiled, or colorful kid-friendly tray can make a statement, and a difference.

3. Get odd.

Grouping things in sets of odd numbers (say, 3, 5, or 7, just like the jars above) is a classic interior design trick. Think a stack of books, a picture in a coordinating frame, and a floral arrangement styled together. Or a cluster of totally different textured accent pieces in the same color family.

4. Make the practical appealing.

Seven Spring Spruce Ups 04 - Colhoun Clan

Some things you just need out and available because you use them all the time. That doesn’t mean you have to give up! Put the kids snacks, granola, oatmeal, etc. in different size clear glass containers and put them on a visible shelf in your kitchen. Get a fun basket or container for all the dog’s toys. If you don’t want to hide it, figure out how to flaunt it!

5. Keep your drawers tidy.

Seven Spring Spruce Ups 05 - Colhoun Clan

I’m a huge advocate of drawer liners. Something so simple can make a huge organizational difference. Imagine your items no longer shifting around to the back of a drawer. Everything will stay looking orderly…even if no one but you sees it. Removing those incidental frustrations around digging out a pen or Sticky notes makes me feel like I can do anything!

6. Think cubbies and containers.

Seven Spring Spruce Ups 06 - Colhoun Clan

As you tidy up, make little neat piles of related things. Then, make sure you have a spot for everything. I find using small bowls is a charming way to stay organized. You’ll find small bowls in several rooms in my house to chip clips, extra rubber bands, batteries etc.

7. Reframe your memories.

Seven Spring Spruce Ups 07 - Colhoun Clan

Over the years and over the homes I’ve lived in, I’ve collected way more frames in way more style than I know what to do with! I’ve recently committed to repurposing some of those old frames to make them all cohesive. Spray paint is, for real, my new BFF. And my newest DIY obsession is shellacking things in gold and copper! Save money, get crafty, and make your space more cohesive.

Ready to spruce? Pick one, pick ‘em all. And share your go-to Spring cleaning tips with me!

 image sources: flowers from pinterest, cake stand tray,  gumball jars from Anthropologie, drawer liners, colorful bowls,  gold frames