One of the biggest bummers about leaving San Francisco (when we moved out to the East Bay) was missing all our favorite restaurants.  My “list” of favorite restaurants became shorter and shorter, prioritizing my FAVORITE favorites to a Top 5.  In that Top 5 is DOSA (the Fillmore location to be exact) was TOP of that list, so when they opened dosa by DOSA in December of 2017 in uptown Oakland, the Hubs and I were THRILLED!  This location has modern décor and even outdoor seating and my favorite masala chai.  This spot easily became a favorite date spot without having to go all the way back to Pac Heights/Japan-town.

When I bought this top and slides from Zara I wanted to shoot this outfit amongst greenery.  I immediately thought of dosa and their large palm leaves and bright colored stools. Unfortunately I got these pieces at the Zara SALE so I wasn’t able to find their links anywhere, but I did provide some similar looking items. THESE jeans however are my favorite for fall and are available now but you better hurry because they WILL sell out soon!!

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