Growing up my “oral health” was always super important because of my maternal Grandfather working as an oral surgeon.  My parents always gave me and my siblings $anything$ when it came to our smiles. After 3 rounds of braces my parents treated me to having my teeth professionally whitened. That is when I was introduced to Smile Brilliant teeth whitening.

20 years, two kids…and a lot of caffeine later, I have tried every quick fix or fad method to  whiten my teeth but nothing seemed to make a noticeable difference.  I even tried the “Crest White Strips” that everyone swears by but they made my teeth SO sensitive. OUCH! That is when I decided to begin the process of getting new trays from Smile Brilliant. Not only was the process 100% at-home but once the trays arrived, they not only fit perfectly to the natural shape of MY teeth but their “Desensitizing Gel” they provide allowed me to never have another issue with pain.

The best part of Smile Brilliant is it’s a safer method for whitening teeth without any enamel removal. Now that I have the noticeable results I was looking and all the old stains have been removed in their entirety, it will be convenient and comfortable for me to maintain this lasting system.

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