Who doesn’t love getting their hair blown-out? I am obsessed!!! We are all aware of the virtue of NOT-washing your hair every day. With these helpful products, I can sometimes make my blowouts “last” 4 to 5 days. The natural first product is this Klorane dry shampoo (1.) It is also helpful to use the Oribe dry texturizing spray (2.) to add extra volume and help maintain volume. After the second or third day your scalp can get very dry and itchy. I have found that this Oribe scalp treatment (3.) is the perfect mid week moisture any scalp could use after a few days of no washing. It’s soothing treatment can be used anytime as it doesn’t need rinsing. By day 3 or 4 it is also useful to add in a few curls or waves. Any time I am using a “hot tool” on my hair I like to use this OUAI memory mist (4.) first. It not only helps to hold the curls but is a heat protector to help prevent dry ends. Lastly, before washing your hair, I LOVE these spiral bobby pins (5.) to secure that perfect top-knot bun. Lastly, my favorite hairspray, L’Oreal Elnett (5.), is the best because of its flexible hold and I can always find a handy travel size at most major CVS and Target stores.

Make That Blowout Last - Colhoun Clan

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