This April my sister and I road-tripped to Stagecoach, a country music festival in Indio, California. Not only was it both of our first time attending but it was also our first time ever at a Garth Brookes (the headliner) Concert. The festival is three days – Friday through Sunday- and the acts preform one after the next. Although we missed the first day, Saturday was super fun and the weather couldn’t have cooperated more. It was sunny but windy – I made the mistake of wearing a flowy dress that I had to hold down in hopes of not flashing other concert-goers. When Sunday arrived/the day of the Garth performance, we were ready to dance! Our tickets may have been a little pricey but we were in the standing VIP area which we thought was perfect. There is a separate area on either side of the stage, only for VIP, that had very clean porter-potties/restrooms and some gourmet food and drink selections.

Stagecoach 01 - Colhoun Clan
Stagecoach Stagecoach 02 - Colhoun Clan
Stagecoach 03 - Colhoun Clan
Stagecoach 04 - Colhoun Clan
Stagecoach 05 - Colhoun Clan
Stagecoach 06 - Colhoun Clan
Stagecoach 07 - Colhoun Clan
Stagecoach 08 - Colhoun Clan
Stagecoach 09 - Colhoun Clan
Stagecoach 10 - Colhoun Clan
Stagecoach 11 - Colhoun Clan
Stagecoach 12 - Colhoun Clan

Now that we have experienced Stagecoach, here is what we would do differently or keep the same, if we ever attended again:

  • YES to splurging on the VIP section
  • NO to attending the concert ALL day! Hang by the pool and come to see the 5:30-6pm artists – to save your feet
  • Speaking of feet – wear comfy shoes and practical clothes
  • Stay at a close hotel
  • Splurge for the VIP parking pass